90s TV Shows We Loved As Kids

As a 90s kid with no siblings, my main portal of entertainment was the good old television, there never was a boring day. I remember that I would actually note down the schedules of my favourite programmes so that I wouldn’t miss a single episode (we didn’t have YouTube or the Online streaming facilities to... Continue Reading →


Santa’s Favourite Christmas Movies

Christmas, the holiday to be spent with your near and dear ones is a concoction of rituals and customs. From decorating your tree, to gift shopping and to finally put on that festive sweater you’ve been wanting to wear all year. Among these numerous fun-filled acts, one thing we all look forward to is to... Continue Reading →

Hollywood Comedy Movies of 2019

Don’t we all wish that our life would be easy breezy like a comedy? (Or is it just me?) With witty characters and funny sidekicks brightening up your life to a guaranteed happy ending. Now everyone has their own favourite types of comedy and not all jokes are catered for everyone’s taste. However, it is... Continue Reading →

Stay Home & Chill with these Netflix Originals

Netflix movies and series have taken over the home entertainment aspect of our lives. Well, why wouldn’t it? When Netflix has delivered countless Original movies and shows with great performances and production value while focusing more importantly on an awesome script. Although some might say that recently Netflix has given more priority to quantity rather... Continue Reading →

2.0 Trailer – Review

November is quite the happening month already. Yesterday the trailer for Zero released, Thugs of Hindostan will be releasing in a matter of few days and today another much-awaited movie 2.0 dropped its trailer. The trailer has already surpassed 2 million views within 5 hours and a competition between the Zero and 2.0 fans are... Continue Reading →

Zero Trailer – Review

Shah Rukh Khan's birthday gifted his fans with the trailer release of his upcoming movie Zero starring Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif. This will be a reunion of the three stars in the screen after the 2012 Jab Tak Hai Jaan. All who have been following the developments of the movie know that Shah Rukh... Continue Reading →

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