Is Kapil losing his co-stars ?




Soon after the news of Sunil Grover quitting The Kapil Sharma show, things seem to be going down the hill for Kapil’s show. It all started with a fight that happened on the return flight from Australia after a show. Kapil Sharma had been drunk and he had misbehaved with Sunil Grover  and as a result several tweets were exchanged between the two. While Kapil tried hard to make it look as if nothing happened, Sunil made it clear that he wasn’t happy with the way he was treated.

Anyways long story short, it was said that Sunil had left the show but now it seems that he wasn’t the only one who was not happy with Kapil’s behaviour. The co-stars Ali Asghar and Chandan Prabhakar seem to have left the show as well. The viewers have noticed the absence of the important characters of the show during the weekend.

Kapil has tried to introduce new characters to save his show. But will things be better for him? Will his co-stars return after boycotting the show?


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