Cringe Worthy Horror Movies You’d Love To Hate

Ever watched a movie where everything from the acting to the story line was absolutely torturous and made you want to pull your hair off? I am sure everyone’s being a victim of this situation at least once in their lifetime. Even though this can put a damper on your movie night, there are some (absolutely dreadful/ridiculously bad) movies that makes you want to keep watching only to witness how crappy can it get.


When it comes to Bollywood horror movies, the chances of the movie hitting the ceiling with its crappy level tends to go higher. Either these movies are sad remakes of Hollywood, South Korean or Japanese hit films or they just kill the movie with mind numbing acting, outdated special effects and clichéd plots.

Here’s a look at all those sad excuses of (so-called) horror movies that will put you in stitches of laughter instead of giving goosebumps.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Make sure to take a break once you finish watching them.


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