Who am I ?


Hey there stranger ! Welcome to my little planet (even if you must’ve entered accidentally). Wondering who in the world am I ? ( Sorry for the galactic puns used unintentionally of course).. Well let’s see..

Since I was a pig tail wearing, frilly socks sporting, a quarter of the human size woman, I absolutely lurrrveed Bollywood. Hindi movies and songs have been my go to world in every aspect of my life. I might’ve not been curious and excited about anything else as much as I wanted to know when the next Shah Rukh Khan movie would release and to know all the latest gossip of the stars. I was (and still am .. sigh !) uncontrollably obsessed with the glitzy, glamorous and ever changing Hindi Cinema…

There was nothing more fun than waiting for the monthly issue of the Filmfare magazine and to read every single line written on it or the excitement in collecting newspaper pics of the stars for my personal scrap book. Now that I’ve been reminded of all my guilty pleasures – because of you stranger (gotta blame someone eh!) I think I would consider myself a BollyGeek. Yes ! there you go ..That’s what I am a BollyGeek ( not sure if  that sounds cool enough).

I guess that’s enough about myself.. Now move on .. Get out of this page and click on the fun stuff that I have posted for the BollyGeek in you..





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