Take a trip to OASIS with Anil Kapoor



Anil Kapoor is all ready for a come back again (not exactly a come back since he wasn’t actually gone) after playing “Majnu Bhai” in the 2015 comedy Welcome Back. The actor is preparing for the release of Mubarakan alongside his nephew Arjun Kapoor which will hit the Big Screens end of this year. But this isn’t about Mubarakan, the actor revealed on twitter yesterday, the pilot episode link for his latest web series (yes you read it right) Oasis. 

He will be playing the role of Vikram Danesh ( The Leader) in this futuristic story where the earth is about to collapse and a multinational company has building it’s first off-Earth human colony named (yes you guess right) Oasis. If any of you Game of Thrones fans are reading this, you’d be excited to know that Richard Madden (the guy who plays Robb Stark) will be playing the role of the main protagonist Peter Leigh (The Priest).

The series is been brodacasted by Amazon Video and it’s based on the 2014 novel The book of strange things The pilot episode is free to check out and it sure does look pretty interesting from the preview that I’ve seen. Amazon has picked Oasis to be one of their series which is to be made to a full season and they are asking the viewers to select for them.

So far the reception has been good for Oasis, I hope that The leader’s character will remain as an ongoing role. I have added the link for the free pilot episode for anyone who would want to check it out (not sure if it’s available in other countries yet).

Check out the pilot here :  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06W5H33JH/